5 Easy Ways to Delight your Employees in Dubai

Unsure how to successfully and affordably reward your employees? Look no further!

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Coming up with innovative ways to inspire your employees and help them feel part of the company isn’t easy. Nevertheless, it’s vital you adopt a healthy obsession with organizing team building events and fun-filled strategies that increase unity in your ranks and makes everyone feel valued.

The trick is to be creative and to add variation. As good as “pizza parties” are in the office, even they can get a little stale. But never fear: there’s a range of different things you can do to build a culture that celebrates its employees and brings them together.

  1. Head down to “Bounce”.

Elevate your teambuilding experience by bringing your team to Bounce – the grownup trampolining centre in Al Quoz. With the help of Bounce’s carefully planned games, this excursion will target Leadership, Team Work, Communication and Head-to-Head Competition. All the while, your employees will enjoy a lively evening out on the trampolines.

  1. Bring in the Battle with Lasertag

There’s no lack of laser-tag venues in Dubai. Laserdrome Dubai and Xtreme Laser Tag are just a few names you can select from. The aim here is simple: get your teammates coordinating strategies and working as a unit to stop the other team. In no time your employees will be happily sweating together in a huddle as they plan their next assault on the enemy base.

  1. Autodrome Karting

When the weather allows, go karting is a great outdoor activity to take your employees on. Everyone can participate in a few friendly drives around the track, win some prizes, and cool down with refreshments and food. It’s an exceptional all-in-one package your team won’t fast regret.

  1. The Ol’ Faithful: Pizza Treat

Naturally, this doesn’t have to be pizza, but it’s a great option for feeding many hungry mouths. One of the easiest and most cost-effective modes of treating your employees is by organizing a luncheon at the office. Drinks, food, music – this is a great tool to help your employees (new and old) mingle. If there’s cause for celebration you can always take this further by arranging a dinner or gala at one of the many hotels here in the UAE.

  1. Let’s Bowl

Thunderbowl might be a thing of the past, but there are a series of great bowling hubs across the UAE – like Dubai Bowling Centre, for example. Set up an afternoon at the bowling alley and let your employees battle it out for prizes and setting their own personal goals on the lanes. Most places have their own restaurants attached, and provide snacks and beverages during the event.

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