8 benefits of automated attendance system

Most organizations have already started embracing automated payroll. Organizations want to become more efficient and change the traditional way of working, especially post covid-19, 0. Now more than ever, there is a rise in demand for automated attendance and payroll. Let’s briefly go through the benefits of automation in the HR attendance world. 

  1. Save your monies with attendance accuracy: 

Attendance management systems can reduce costs, by eliminating the inaccuracies of manual timesheets. At times, calculation errors can be expensive. There are cases of incorrect time reports, false check-ins, tardiness, underpayment, and overpayment, due to human error. This could come at a cost to the company as well as the employee. Around $1,600 per employee has been saved after implementing attendance automation as per research done by Axsium Group. Employees also sometimes are underpaid because they are unable to prove their presence because of timesheet miscalculation. Digitizing attendance can ensure 100% accuracy and save up on a lot of wasted time and money. 

  1. Higher efficiency = Better Productivity 

Monitoring attendance sometimes becomes a full-time job, which is tedious and time-consuming. Monitoring the entire attendance process from check-in all the way until payroll requires a lot of time and effort. With automated attendance, employee hours are tracked and automatically imported into the payroll. The human resources could use their valuable time formulating strategies and improving decision-making, rather than wasting resources on repetitive administrative tasks. Time and effort combined with data accuracy, help in optimizing work. This brings efficiency into the core teams, simultaneously enhancing productivity and increasing profit. 

  1. Goodbye to Excel Sheets and Hello to Dynamic Dashboards

Raw data generates easy-to-read reports on hours worked, overtime, average absences, and any other required customized report in just a few clicks. The visual reports and graphs would provide insights on the current operations and enable HR departments to optimize their strategies and policies on leaves, performance, culture, etc. 

  1. Replace memos with notifications 

All requests can be approved or denied with the click of a button with automation. If an employee makes any request, instant notifications are sent to the relevant manager to approve or deny. This makes scheduling easier and provides insights that could be used when forecasting workloads, busy periods, and budgets. Attendance management systems make workflow efficient and hassle-free. 

  1. Attendance at your fingertips

Work from home has become the norm post-Covid-19 and this makes it very difficult for manual attendance and timekeeping. It has made the traditional manual way of attendance almost redundant. Automated attendance systems allow employees to check in and check out using a variety of options via mobile apps, websites, or biometric terminals online. This makes attendance a hassle-free experience for both employers and employees. 

  1. “Make your own” schedule

Manual systems are limited to a single check-in and check-out and one break. With attendance automation, customized attendance can be configured with individual attendance shifts, leave schedules, special holidays, and overtime, if any. There is no limit on the conditions that can be set on an attendance management system. There is also an option to integrate attendance on a mobile application that can capture GPS-based attendance. 

  1. The savior from misuse and expenses

With attendance management systems and biometrics systems in place, the data is highly reliable. It prevents misuse, like buddy punching, and eliminates any costs, related to attendance accessories, like lost or stolen access cards. Additionally, going digital provides additional security preventing time theft and loss of records. The attendance in turn automates the payroll system and eliminates any room for errors that would, otherwise, occur with manual recordkeeping. 

  1. Get your records right

Human errors tend to occur with manual records and this could cost the organization in terms of, excess payment or fines, in cases where labor laws are violated. Automating attendance makes this problem go away, as it also integrates with the payroll providing you with a hassle-free process. 

Give your current workplace attendance a makeover In the digital era, going tech is not just a trend but a necessity to enhance productivity. As work gets more advanced and competition gets intense, we require human minds to focus on more important tasks like strategy and positioning rather than manual administration and recordkeeping. After in-depth research and technical evaluations, at Bayzat we have closed the gap between biometrics and automated attendance. With Biometrics Integration, you can integrate your existing biometrics system with Bayzat. The good news is that you won’t have to replace any technical hardware infrastructure that you currently have in place. Using your existing system, Bayzat will automate managing attendance as well as track payroll, overtime, and deductions efficiently. With Bayzat’s automation and your biometrics system, the  HR team can now rely on the integrity of the attendance and perform more in less time, by increasing efficiency.