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With health insurance being mandatory for all residents in the UAE, insurance companies in Dubai have had to create low cost options to provide to individuals. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that although employers are encouraged to do so, they have no legal obligation to provide cover for dependents of their employees. 

Because of this, some companies in Dubai do not provide an option for insurance cover for their employees’ dependents to save costs. As a result, employees have no choice but to look for a good health insurance cover for their families on their own, which can be challenging and financially stressing to find. 

As per Dubai Health Insurance Law (ISAHD) and the mandatory Essential Benefits Plan (EBP) rolled out at the end of 2016, companies with 100 or less employees, residents, domestic workers, and dependents of employees must be covered by medical insurance in Dubai. This ensures that children, dependents, domestic workers, and non-working residents can have access to good health insurance plans at an affordable cost. 

Usually, an EBP plan is the best option for residents earning less than 4,000 AED per month, or for those who do not work and cannot afford to get health insurance for their dependents. Offered at a reasonable cost, its standardized packages with premiums range from AED 650 to 725 per year, with basic coverage including access to a general physician, specialist referrals, certain surgical procedures, laboratory tests, emergency services, check ups, medication, and maternity care. 

When it comes to certain in-patient coverage, such as diagnostic tests, treatments and surgeries in non-life threatening cases, it is required to get prior approval or pre-authorization from the insurance company first, as it might not be covered. Plus, as part of being a basic plan, there are restrictions and limitations to be aware of when it comes to EBP, including a maximum coverage per year of up to AED 150,000. 

For basic in-patient healthcare services, co-insurance payments are important to know. Set at 20% of the total bill, co-payments are capped at AED 500 per visit. However, there is an annual aggregate cap of AED 1,000, after which the insurer will need to cover 100% of the treatment. The basic package limits medicine purchases of up to AED 1,500 each year, while the insured covers 30% of the cost of the prescription from their own pocket.

In the case of pre-existing or chronic conditions, you need to make sure the insurer is aware of them in order to provide complete coverage after the six month waiting period. However, if there are any emergency health issues related to the condition, the insurer will cover them through medical claims. 

Finding the best option for EBP cover 

Health insurance companies in Dubai immediately started to offer affordable EBP packages as soon as most people were forced to get medical insurance by law. But especially during these times, it is essential for all insurance companies to have an EBP as an option, giving people a form of relief when it comes to their health and financial wellbeing. 

Whether you are looking to get an EBP for your spouse, children, or domestic help, here are some of the top insurance companies where you can benefit from:

AXA insuranceCost: 677 AED per year
– Direct billing for in-patient and out-patient treatment within the UAE, pre-existing and chronic conditions, maternity cover.
National Health Insurance CompanyCost: from AED 615 to 800 (depending if it’s a domestic helper or dependent)
– in-patient, out-patient, maternity and emergency services, local health insurance plans with options for worldwide benefits, access to the largest network in the UAE with over 2,000 hospitals,clinics and pharmacies.
Oman InsuranceCost: AED 560
– In-patient and out-patient services, emergencies, laboratory, maternity, over 500 hospitals / clinics and 1,400 pharmacies.
Metlife AlicoCost: AED 761 (for domestic help), AED 1,312 (for dependents)
-Medical visits to a general doctor in UAE, in-patient treatments, emergency medical treatments or hospitalization, diagnostic tests, maternity services, prescription drugs, physiotherapy, preventive services (DHA mandatory vaccines and immunizations).
Takaful EmaratCost: starting from AED 525
– Tests, diagnosis, treatments and surgeries in hospitals for non-urgent medical cases (Prior approval required), in-patient and outpatient services, maternity cover.
RAK InsuranceCost: starting from AED 485
– tests, diagnosis, treatments and surgeries in hospitals for non-urgent medical cases (Prior approval required), in-patient and outpatient services, maternity cover, day care services, emergencies.

Finding the most convenient insurance option for you and your family is essential. By partnering with leading providers, Bayzat gives you a wide range of options to choose from so you can ensure to access and use your insurance like never before. Contact us today if you want to get started.