Make Sure Your Medical Insurance Covers Sports Injuries

Exercising  is one of the best ways to stay healthy; both physically and mentally. As we progress in our careers, most of us spend hours behind our desks, working five-day, 40-plus hour weeks; obviously, this makes it extremely difficult to work out on a regular basis, let alone continue to play sports semi competitively.

While staying active becomes paramount as we become older, finding the time to play the sports you enjoyed growing up becomes progressively more difficult. While some of us might decide to stop playing sports all together, opting for less intense gym routines (or not exercising at all!), others remain dedicated to playing the sports we loved in our youth whenever we can find the time.

The problem is, as you get older and less in shape from all the hours sitting behind your desk, the risk of serious sport injury increases. Not only is dealing with sports injuries difficult both emotionally and physically, it can also be extremely detrimental financially. Paying out of pocket for  a serious sports injury can cost upwards of AED 25,000 and that is not even considering the cost accrued for the many months of physiotherapy required to get you back to 100% and playing the sports you love again!

With the new medical insurance law being implemented in Dubai, almost everyone will eventually have health insurance that is either provided by their company or purchased individually. However, it is very possible that your current health insurance plan does not cover all or any of your sports injuries.  

For those of you that rely on receiving your medical insurance from your company, it is very important to read the fine print and understand exactly what is covered. Just because your company is obligated to provide you with healthcare cover, it does not mean that the medical policy they provide is the optimal plan for you or accounts for the type of extracurricular activities that keep you happy, fit and healthy.

For those of you that purchase your own medical insurance, spend time doing your research and finding the right plan that accounts for the types of injuries you might endure playing the sports you are passionate about.

For the adrenaline junkies, it is important to keep in mind that certain sports related activities such as rock-climbing, sky diving, jet skiing and bungee-jumping are rarely covered by medical insurance companies in the UAE.

With a little due diligence, there are many ways to supplement your health care plan. Talk to your current provider about tailoring your plan, circumventing some of the exclusions or find a new plan or insurer that is more aligned with your requirements.

Whatever solution you opt for, make sure that you are covered for all potential scenarios because dealing with a serious sports injury is hard enough, let alone worrying about the additional strain of your budget and finances to the mix. Find and buy your ideal medical insurance policy so you can continue playing the sports that you love and are passionate about. If you are faced with a serious sports injury, you can then rest easy knowing that your are covered financially and can focus on tackling your recovery period as passionately as the way you play the sports you love. 

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