Maternity cover: Essential laws and facts in Dubai

Laws & Facts for Maternity Cover in Dubai

Pregnancy is a special time not only for the mother but for the entire family. There are a lot of things to plan and consider during this vital period. Here are some important facts about maternity leave and coverage in Dubai that you should be aware of.

Number of entitled days

For the private sector, an expecting mother has the right to take a fully paid maternity leave of 45 days if employed within an organization for more than a year and maternity leave of 45 days with half-pay if employed for less than a year. Once the maternity leave is completed, a female employee can take up to a maximum of 100 days of consecutive or non-consecutive unpaid leaves, given that the employee is ill and is unable to resume her services at work. This must be verified and authorized by a competent health authority.

Expecting mothers employed in the public sector are entitled to a fully paid maternity leave of 90 days. Annual leave and sick leaves can also be added to the maternity leave up to a maximum of 120 days. For a year after the birth of the child, the mother is entitled to reduced working hours of two hours either at the beginning of work or at the end of the day. Other Emirates have a different take when it comes to maternity leave, you can view them here.There are no provisions as such for paternity leave for male employees in the private sector in the UAE. Each company has its own policy and can grant male employees a short leave to take care of a newborn baby and the mother.

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Health insurance for all employees in Dubai

It is now mandatory by law for the employer to provide health insurance to all employees in Dubai as well as Abu Dhabi. If you do not work and are under your husband’s sponsorship, it is essential that your sponsor purchases a health insurance policy for you. Even the most basic of plans have maternity cover but might be subject to a 6-month waiting period. If you’re looking to get a health insurance plan, you can click here to search, compare and buy a suitable policy with Bayzat.

Newborn coverage

All newborns must be covered for at least the first 30 days from birth according to the Dubai government. As stated earlier, if you are under a more comprehensive plan, newborn babies can be covered for more than 30 days as well.

Minimum maternity coverage

The basic coverage for maternity as per the Dubai Health and authority is stated as AED 7,000 for a normal delivery and AED 10,000 for cesarean (C-section). Depending on the insurance plan you are covered under, the coverage and costs covered may be higher.

Waiting Periods

Each insurance plan has its own policy on waiting periods. There will be no cover for any maternity related treatments during the waiting period. Some might have a waiting period of three months while others might not have a waiting period at all. The most basic packages usually keep a waiting period of six months, so it is good to plan well in advance if you are planning to have a baby but have a basic insurance package.