Document Checklist for all HR Modules

Letters are a major part of the HR and employee relationship. They bind the teams together and create a law process. Creating letters from scratch is a cumbersome and labor-intensive process. Thanks to Bayzat’s letter request feature, customizing and sharing letters with employees has never been easier. 

The below blog highlights the list of HR modules and the letters included in the modules, with their respective purpose. 

Recruitment Module

The recruitment process is lengthy and includes several steps from screening, interviewing to selection and onboarding. There are official letters and documents required for each of the steps to track the process. Upon selection of a candidate, a contract is provided as a letter of intent to confirm the role. The contract consists of the date of joining, visa entity, governing law job description, designation, salary structure, leave structure, timings, and probation period. 

Document Checklist for the recruitment process: 

Job role descriptions, recruitment tracker, candidate evaluation, reference check guide, offer letter, employment contract, onboarding schedule. 

 Employee Compensation Module

Manpower is an essential requirement of any business and they need to be compensated. This compensation comes with calculations of the market rate, and clear cost of service provided. Employee compensation consists of the monetary and nonmonetary compensations provided in exchange for their service. In order to get the employee compensation module right, a lot of calculations must be done. 

Documents checklist for the employee compensation module: 

Salary structure, increment or raise calculation, payslips and bonus calculation

Performance Appraisal Module

An appraisal discussion takes place and the employee is scored based on performance and ranking. Appraisals letter is given to an employee, post the appraisal interview where the score is mentioned along with any changes in role, designation or salary structure. The documents help in measuring the performance for both employee and the line manager. 

The performance appraisal system is based on the concept of S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable,  Relevant, Time-based). The documents included in the performance appraisal module create a standardized format for setting goals for employees and define performance. 

Documents checklist for performance appraisal: 

Performance Appraisal Letter, Performance Management Process, Performance Review, Warning Letter 

Employee Management Module

The HR department needs to keep all Employee data records on file. This includes all of the employee’s personal information, addresses, as well as behavior information in and out of the organization. Memos and announcements to be made, NOC’s required for visa, driver’s license, bank loan and credit card applications.  

Handy document checklist for Employee Recordkeeping: 

Purchase request template, warning letters for attendance, performance behavior, employee master file, memos and announcements, NOC’s, salary certificate, probation confirmation letter, experience letter, relieving letter, resignation acceptance, resignation withdrawal, and designation change letter. 

Exit Module

From becoming redundant, terminated for performance or behavior issues, or resigning by will, there are a variety of reasons an employee exits a company. In any case, an organization ensures a smooth process for both employer and employee by following a protocol. 

Document checklist for the exit module: 

Relieving letter, clearance form, exit interview feedback form, and full and final settlement. 

As an HR professional, there are times when multiple documents to be required to send right away. These include internal announcements and memos as well as other letters as discussed above. With Bayzat’s letter requests, you can select multiple HR templates specific to the requirement at hand. You can email or publish the letter to the employee in minutes with a few clicks. A customized format and template can be created as per the company guidelines and be followed throughout all the letters.