bayzat is happy to announce their new partnership with Al Nisr FC. The partnership, which will see bayzat become the Official Financial Data Partner of the club, is set to take effect at the beginning of October and run until the end of the 2014/2015 season.

Commenting on the partnership, bayzat CEO Talal Bayaa said, “We are pleased to partner with Al Nisr FC and help promote their efforts. We are a young and ambitious company, and the same goes for Al Nisr. As such, we believe in mutual support in continuing to develop our brands.”

Starting a local amateur football club in Dubai is no easy task. There are many costs that go into starting a club and also an enormous amount of patience. President of Al Nisr FC Abdelrahman Kurdieh commented by saying, “When I started the club almost a year ago, it was important to have a vision at first of what I wanted the club to become. At first it was just to compete in the local amateur football league, but now it has become more than that. The beginning was tough and each day was a new learning experience.”

So, what does it cost to start and run an amateur football club? Find out below.

Identity – AED 1,500

Logo, club colors and the club name need to all be put together to create the club identity which the entire club will represent. A graphic designer would take all of these elements and put them together to create a brand image for the club

Club Kit – AED 4,000

After the identity has been created, the club kit must be produced. Using the club logo which is embroidered onto the shirt and shorts, the kit will help other people and teams identify your club. Depending on the club budget, one kit to start with should be enough.

Equipment – AED 1,000

Training equipment is needed such as footballs, cones, bibs and other items to help the players train properly.

League Fees – AED 21,000

The amateur football league charges a fee to play in the league and all teams must have a home ground to compete on. If teams do not have a home ground, a home ground is reserved. The above mentioned price is inclusive of the league administrative fee along with the pitch rental amount for all of the games.

Friendly Games – AED 5,000

During the season teams should play some friendlies to test their skill and techniques as well as the new players who join the team need to be looked at. Pitch rentals must be accounted for and run between Aed 600-1,000 per hour.

Laundry – AED 12,000

After games, the kit needs to be washed and prepared for the next game. Bibs also need to be washed after training matches.

Clubs have different ways to recoup this money. Most clubs charge the players a monthly fee and some clubs are fortunate enough to have partnerships or sponsors who help cover these costs. Al Nisr FC is in the process now of reaching out to different partners for the 2014/2015 season which will be kicking off shortly.

If you are interested in Al Nisr FC, please visit their website or search them on Facebook.

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