Top 20 HR Blogs to Check in 2021

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If you work in HR, then you know how important it is to stay on top of the latest news and developments. The field of HR is constantly changing, especially as HR technology keeps improving and developing. Blogs are a good way of staying on top of the industry’s latest news. What are the best HR blogs to follow in 2021? Here’s a look at the 20 best blogs and what they offer to HR professional and industry experts.

The blogs below are a combination of strictly HR-focused blogs, as well as interesting blogs that talk about issues relating to the field. HR isn’t just about the strict practices of HR functions like hiring and onboarding, but also about the wider scope of company culture and employee engagement. Therefore, you can find blogs that talk about a wide range of issues surround small businesses and employee management from the below list.

1. The HR Observer

The HR Observer is a fantastic blog for HR professionals. The topics covered include things like:

  • Learning and development
  • HR technology and innovation
  • Culture and change management
  • Employee engagement

As the list shows, there are plenty of important issues discussed in the blog. One great thing about HR Observer is that it’s focused on the Middle East. You will get regional news and information.


2. The Bonusly Blog

If you are looking to learn more about employee engagement and company culture, The Bonusly Blog is a great place to be. The blog covers a range of topics and while it’s created by the HR software company, it avoids being too promotional in its approach. You’ll learn a lot of valuable tips and tricks to boost your HR practices from this blog.


3. CIBD Blogs

CIBD has blogs that cover regional news specific to the Middle East, but also plenty of universal topics in regards to HR. You can learn about skill strategies, connecting with employees and on ways to use technology to your benefit. The blog covers a range of business news so it’s especially beneficial for small business leaders.


4. The Evil HR Lady

Don’t let the blog’s name fool you! The Evil HR Lady is a wonderful blog that goes deep into the daily workings of an HR professional. You can find honest and often fun answers to the big HR questions, ranging from ‘How to have the ‘Bathroom conversation’ at the office’ to knowing when you’re micromanaging your employees too much.


5. Fistful of Talent

Fistful of Talent is another blog from HR leaders to inspiring HR professionals. The blog posts are written by multiple people so you always get a different view. The blog is fun to read and the topics cover all things HR – including things like the latest management fads.


6. Changeboard

Changeboard is not your typical, conventional blog. The site is actually an HR job board but it also does a range of other online features, such as a magazine. The magazine is very good for HR professionals because it talks about regional issues in the field in engaging way. If you are looking to learn more about HR in the Middle East or you want to stay on top of the latest developments, this website with its varied content is definitely worth it.


7. Darwinbox Blog

India is another region with a growing HR sector that offers plenty of innovative and informative insight. While Darwinbox Blog is an India-based blog, the topics are often universal and the research can be applicable to a growing market, such as the Middle East. There is plenty of talk on things like utilising the best HR technology and improving how your HR department works.


8. NectarHR

If you want to improve how your organisation builds company culture and rewards your employees, then NectarHR blog will provide you with plenty of great tips. The blog has great resources for employers, especially in the ‘new normal’ of remote work.


9. Builtin

Builtin connects HR professionals and business leaders with technology companies. The website is another job board but the blog section offers great insight to industry leaders. The topics cover things like remote work, recruiting and employer branding. The articles are well-researched and highly applicable across the world.


10. Millenial HR Consultant Blog

The Millennial HR Consultant Blog is ran by a passionate HR consultant and that shows. The blog covers a range of interesting topics that can provide new HR professionals plenty of valuable lessons. You can learn about training and developing talent to how compensation and benefits should be handled. Based in Dubai, the topics also always come with great regional understanding.


11. HR Source Blog

Thinking of moving to Dubai for work? Or perhaps you are looking for ways to attract more International talent to your business. HR Source’s blog covers a lot of useful topics in terms of talent recruitment and making it in Dubai. It’s not strictly HR focused which is just a good thing – you get a lot of great information on how to lead a balanced life in the region!


12. GetHppyBlog

HR professionals need to ensure employees are happy since happier employees result in more productive companies. GetHppy is all about employee engagement and wellbeing. The blog covers a range of topics including:

  • Improving your onboarding experience
  • Using analytics to engage employees
  • The latest HR trends and news
  • Improving ethics training and skill management


13. The HR Capitalist

Many HR blogs touch on important topics but don’t always get really in-depth and analytical with what they are talking. The HR Capitalist is a blog that does the deep dives for you! You can read very informative and engaging posts about the specific aspects of HR management.


14. Tiger Recruitment Insights Blog

The Dubai-based recruitment agency has a big Insights section on its website. There you can find a section for HR-related topics. You can read informative posts on candidate selection and looking after employee mental health. The blog has a lot of good, actionable tips to keep in mind.


15. Beehive Software Blog

Beehive is another good Indian-based HR blog. The technology firm creates engaging content that mainly involves HRMS. If you are planning to add this HR system to your business, then learning more about the benefits and ways to use HRMS can be very useful for you.


16. Wolke HR Blog

If you want to read about Dubai specific HR topics, then you might want to consider giving Wolke’s HR blog a go. The blog touches on many important topics in regards to the best HR software. Unfortunately, the blog isn’t very active any more but plenty of the past posts are worth going back to.


17. Harvard Business Review

You can’t list the best blogs in HR without mentioning Harvard Business Review. The cutting edge online library is full of informative articles about leadership, business management, employee wellbeing and the list goes on. Based on latest scientific research these stories are a must-have for any business leader and HR professional.


18. AstroLabs Blog

AstroLabs is a startup hub connecting small, innovative businesses in the region. The blog offers plenty of perspective on things such as digital technologies and entrepreneurship. While not strictly about HR topics, there are plenty of interesting insight that could benefit HR professionals and business leaders. For example, topics range from boosting your LinkedIn presence to ensuring your business is coronavirus-ready.


19. HR Grapevine

If you are a fan of a more traditional magazine format, then HR Grapevine is an excellent digital magazine. You can opt for its daily newsletter or the monthly magazine. The magazine goes over many HR-related stories and while some are specific to the UK and the US, there is plenty of international and ever-green content to read as well.


20. Laurie Ruettimann

Finally, don’t forget to check out Laurie Ruettimann’s blog. The HR guru shares her insight in talent management and development, as well as all things HR. You can find plenty of insight in becoming a better professional, whether or not you work in HR.


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