Why is Health Insurance the Most Important Insurance in 2021-22?

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If 2020 gave us any important lessons to learn, it’s that our health is important and fragile. You shouldn’t take it for granted, no matter how well you are doing. In life, unexpected things happen and the best you can do is stay prepared. When it comes to your health, getting health insurance is not a question of should you get it but rather, which health insurance is the best for you.

You probably have a lot of important possessions that could use insurance. But nothing is as important as your health. If you get sick, you won’t be able to enjoy your home or car to the full extent! It’s a simple thing to say but it’s true. Saying that health insurance is the most important insurance in 2021 is not that controversial. We all know our health is essential to our wellbeing.

But there are other important regional reasons for taking health insurance seriously. Around the world, people tend to have rather unique healthcare concerns. Poorer countries have unique healthcare needs to the issues worrying many wealthier nations. Ever our genes are different and certain genetic diseases are more prevalent than others in different parts of the world. So what are the reasons you should take healthcare insurance seriously if you live in the UAE?

UAE’s healthcare issues – what you need to know

The biggest cause of death in the UAE is cancer and heart disease. The two are very big killers around the world, especially in the wealthier nations. What might be surprising to hear is that both of these conditions are linked to an unhealthy lifestyle. According to the WHO, around one-third of all cancer cases could be prevented by living a healthier lifestyle. For heart disease, the figure is even higher.

Both of these also tend to have early signs that, if spotted, could help prevent the problem from turning deadly. This is where your health insurance comes to play. If you have adequate health insurance, then early detection along with preventative measures is much easier to achieve. With the right health insurance plan, you could have regular check-ups that guarantee doctors can spot any problems early and therefore, improve your chances of overcoming any serious illness and injury.

You should also know about the high rate of genetic disease in the UAE. If you are starting a family, then proper maternity care with your health insurance can work to improve your healthcare. You can learn about any genetic risk you and your spouse might have, as well as to detect any genetic issues with the baby early. Having health insurance can be really important in terms of improving the quality of your life and lowering your risk of developing any serious conditions.

What to know about health insurance plans in the UAE?

Health insurance is the most important insurance in 2021. But what should you know about health insurance plans in the UAE? The main thing to note is that there is a mix of private and public health insurance. Unless you are an Emirati national, you will need to have private medical cover. Every resident in places like Dubai needs to have some form of private medical cover. Many get health insurance through their employer but you can also find private medical insurance on your own. This is especially good if you want to provide cover for your family and you want the more comprehensive cover to what your employer’s health insurance package offers.

Private health insurance in Dubai has to provide certain minimum conditions. No matter which insurer you use, the policy must meet the following conditions:

  • Minimum annual limit of 150,000 AED
    • Cover for pre-existing conditions after an initial waiting period
      • Emergency cover across the UAE
      • Inpatient treatment with a maximum of 20% excess
      • Outpatient treatment with a maximum of 20% excess
      • Semi-private hospital accommodation
      • Minimum maternity cover with maximum of 10% excess
      • Essential vaccinations

Of course, the conditions are only for the basic health insurance insurers offer. You can find more comprehensive plans form insurers and these might be more fitting to your specific needs.

Which health insurance is best in the UAE?

There are numerous health insurance plans in the UAE. UAE healthcare market has insurance options for individuals, groups, families, and a range of mixed products to pick and choose from. Finding the right option isn’t difficult if you utilize comparison sites. These can help you find the right cover depending on your individual needs and preferences. Group health insurance and individual health insurance can be provided by your employer but, as stated earlier, you can also get them independently. It’s a good idea to look around and understand what differences and benefits different plans have. This makes it easier for you to find a cover that works for you. For example, it’s often the case that family policies are the best when you’re married with kids. But it could be that individual policies work better for your family. Every situation is unique so it’s always important to consider your health insurance needs from an individual standpoint and not make too many assumptions on what is best.

How much does health insurance cost in UAE?

The cost of health insurance in the UAE can be affordable, if you do your research and shop around. According to a study from 2017, the average cost of health insurance for an individual in Dubai stood at 4,772 USD. Health insurance is the 7th most expensive in the world. However, the quality of healthcare in the region is rather good. Furthermore, you can always control the cost of your healthcare by shopping smart. This means comparing health insurance plans with your specific needs in mind. You don’t want to pick health insurance randomly. You might end up with an inadequate cover and end up paying more. Shop around and you’ll find the best deal with your specific healthcare needs.

The most important thing is to get health insurance in 2021. The world can be an unpredictable place and having proper cover can ensure you don’t have to stress about your health as much. Compare best health insurance in UAE with Bayzat.